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Greece, known for its culture, natural beauty, historical attractions, wonderful islands, friendly people and tourism is one of the safest countries in the Mediterranean region and has a strategic position that makes it a gateway to the EU..

Legal framework of the Golden Rule, Law 4251/2014 of the Greek Parliament offers residence permits and access to the Schengen Area to third-country nationals and their family members who buy a property in Greece and the value of each must be equal to or greater than 250,000 euros. The purchase can be made by an individual or a legal entity.

Citizens outside the EU who are looking for a quick way to live in the EU now have a new option - buy a cheap property in Southern Europe. The residence permit acts as a form of visa in all Schengen zones (26 countries), including Western Europe - except the United Kingdom. The permit only requires permanent residence in the country where the property is located, which means that buyers can also use it as a springboard to travel anywhere in Europe.

Our company LANTZI PROPERTIES offers a complete package of services included in the following steps.


  1. Step 1. Preparatory steps
    1. The prospective buyer comes in contact with the Hellenic Real Estate Agency or a representative office where he is provided with initial information about Greece and a list of real estate for promotion via the Internet.
    2. Then, with the help of our office, he records a number of properties and decides to visit Greece.
    3. The prospective buyer must obtain a travel visa. He and all members of his family who travel with him must visit the Greek consulate or any other consulate in the Schengen area of the EU to issue a visa for entry.
  2. Step 2. 1st Visit to Greece
    1. Accommodation in specific hotels near the point of interest can be arranged by our office and the buyer will pay for his stay.
    2. Visit our office and meet the Seller.
    3. Instruct the law firm to do a preliminary land search.
    4. If the property is in good condition, sign a deposit agreement with the Seller.
    5. Get a Greek tax number.
    6. Visit the notary to sign a power of attorney.
    7. Conclusion of research and preparatory actions in Greece. Final decision and instructions on the details of purchasing a specific property with our office and the Legal Department to proceed.
    8. END of visiting and leaving Greece.
  3. Step 3. Prepare for the purchase
    1. The Notary will issue the list of necessary documents for the drafting of the contract of sale.
    2. The law firm will work with the seller's real estate agent and a civil engineer to collect all the documents.
    3. The Legal Service will transfer the documents to the notary and will examine the validity.
    4. The Notary will draw up the contract of sale-purchase.
    5. The Legal Service will consider the draft of the sale-purchase contract and will discuss it with the Seller's lawyer.
    6. The | Notary will draw up the transfer tax return. The declaration will be signed by the Seller and the Buyer's lawyer.
    7. The transfer tax is paid under the contract of sale.
    8. The full payment agreement is signed that the property is registered in the name of the buyer.
    9. END of the sale-purchase process.
  4. Step 4. Application for a Residence Permit - 2nd Visit to Greece
    1. Appointment with the Immigration Office.
    2. Collection of all documents by the buyer.
    3. The buyer visits Greece and with the Legal Office submits the application and there with a fingerprint in the immigration office. - receives a temporary residence permit (BLUE BOOK).
    4. The Legal Service visits the immigration office to obtain a residence permit (GOLDEN VISA).

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