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The Broker is a freelancer who is licensed to work by the Professional Chamber of the Prefecture in which he has his headquarters and can work throughout Greece.

He carries out the profession based on the provisions of the PD. 248/93 Government Gazette 108 TA / 28-6-1993) "On Real Estate Agreements", the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection and the Civil Code on Brokerage Contracts.

The Broker is obliged to provide services to any natural or legal person irrespective of nationality, nationality or religion, in compliance with the relevant laws of the Greek State and the European Union.

The Broker is paid by all the parties he / she represents after having a written or oral mandate. It acts consistently and reliably for the conclusion of the contract and is paid 50% of the agreed fee if there is a notarial agreement and full payment when the relevant contract is concluded.

His remuneration is the result of free negotiation between himself and his client. The same is true for estimations-expertise as well as for land use studies.

The Broker does not replace the lawyer, the engineer, the tax consultant, the notary. In terms of loans, he advises and advises banks without replacing the bank counselor.

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